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Floral curtain panels that allow natural daylight to filter through can be used for decorative purposes in a wide variety of locations in the home. We usually think of curtains as rather formal and functional accessories to keep light and prying eyes out of an interior. Yet this does not always have to be the case. This supple cotton graphic curtain panel by John Robshaw called ‘Stone Curtain‘ is ideal for a large window or door frame.

The beautiful translucent effect of this floral curtain panel allows light to filter through into a room whilst diminishing the blinding glow of direct sunlight. Delicate floral patterns add an aesthetic charm to the feature as well as echoing the possible scenery just outside and behind the cotton panel itself, as noted in the picture above. When placed over a door frame, the curtain panel allows for easy access in and out whilst keeping the interior private.

The designer behind this ‘Stone Curtain’ is John Robshaw who has taken a great deal of inspiration from the art and design found in China and India. The fabric-making traditions of artisans in both these countries led to the development of his own unique style which have become a fascination both for himself and many around the country. With decorative and translucent cotton curtain panels like these, one can place them anywhere in the home, whether against a window or door, or alternative in the very center of a room to act as a spacial divider.

You can buy this curtain from here: Printed Cotton Graphic Curtain Panel.

Price: $150