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For anyone who cooks on a regular basis, butcher block tables provide a highly functional and altogether needed furniture accessory for the kitchen. The wooden grace of a table with a butcher block counter top creates a natural beauty and connection with the food being prepared as well as the cultural heritage of food preparation in America. These tables are long-lasting, sturdy and will never ever go out of fashion.

The country-style butcher block table shown in the picture above is made from solid hard maple wood and has been given a special oil finish. There are a variety of sizes to choose from as well as a large array of additional accessories, options and add-ons. Wicker baskets can also be obtained where vegetables and supplies can be placed. The table in the picture shows a green finish but there are also colors such as barn red, tangerine, caviar black, sage, basil and of course the original natural maple.

This type of butcher block table is made especially for cutting and chopping rather than for pure aesthetics or non-cutting food preparation, although this is certainly what it can be used for as well. The oil-finished quality means it differs from specially sealed counter-tops which would suffer in appearance from the actions of knives and other cutting utensils. The oil locks in most moisture which in turn protects the wood. Any long-term stains and damage can be easily rectified with a sanding block.

As with most butcher block surfaces, this country-style food preparation table has the ability to last a life-time. If well cared for, it can provide a solid and highly functional furniture accessory in a kitchen which will be of great benefit to a household that loves to cook. If you get tired of the color, then a simple coat of paint can transform the table to match new décor schemes and even seasons.

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