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Table-top fountains are an excellent dynamic decorative accessory for home office interiors and living rooms. They provide a relaxing backdrop to a scene and can add classical beauty to a décor arrangement. This is certainly true when it comes to this lovely Pompeii ceramic jug fountain especially made for tables, desks and shelves. As can be seen, it is inspired by the ancient pottery of Rome and even takes its name from the chaos that was the destruction of Pompeii.

Why Pompeii? The ceramic jug fountain is comprised of what seems at first like a broken jug but which is in fact the very essence of the fountain itself. The handcrafted waterfall is made from a collection of natural stone which has been cemented into place within the ceramic body. An invisible pump system takes care of the water’s movement whilst internal lighting provides excellent accent possibilities. Just imagine it glowing with the lights turned down low.

There’s something both energising and relaxing about the cascade of water over stone. Waterfalls and fountains in nature are popular locations for people to visit and in some cases become shrines and pilgrimage sites. Mankind has always been fascinated with water and this Pompeii ceramic jug indoor fountain is no different.

If you are into Feng Shui, then a small indoor fountain is going to be of great benefit and can be placed in a position which will fulfil the needs of your space. This type of jug fountain can be placed in just about any location as one would a jug, decorative bowl or statue. Wherever you want the soothing sound of cascading water will be a perfect place, whether this is in a home library area, bedroom, bathroom or hallway.

Pompeii Ceramic Desk Fountain – $256.00
Retail Price: $266.00
You Save: $10.00
from: Exalted Fountains, Llc