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Rufus is his name, Rufus the Polar Bear Rocker. He’s designed by David Netto and is specifically made for children to enjoy. Adults too, if they are careful and feed him snacks every now and then. He doesn’t like grown-ups very much, they tease him and they are very heavy. Children on the other hand, well, Rufus loves children. They play with him everyday and treat him with the respect a wild white polar bear deserves, even if he is just a rocker.

polar-bear-rocker-nettoRufus the Polar Bear Rocker is made from white lacquer and stands on a natural oak wood base. Upon his back is an oak seat and handle bar, the perfect size for children to sit on. Rufus is a content bear if he’s allowed to stay in a kid’s bedroom or playroom. Anywhere else and it’s just going to be miserable for him. Although, that said, despite his fondness for cold climates, Rufus the polar bear does enjoy an outing into the yard on a warm sunny day.

From all reports, Rufus is the only type of Polar Bear Rocker on the market, although there are numerous clones which other lucky little children get to take home as well. The beautiful curves of the wooden oak rocker base mean hours of fun will be had by all, rocking to and fro, singing and laughing as the day progresses happily along. Rufus the polar bear rocker is a sturdy fellow, they all are where he comes from, and will last a great many summers and winters.

If you have an animal themed room for your children, then Rufus will be “over the ice caps” to share an interior space with fellow animals similar to him. You can purchase Rufus from the following location: Polar Bear Rocker for Kids.

All his medical bills are sorted and he just needs feeding a little tender loving care every now and then. His price tag is $349.

By the way, Rufus does have a great uncle as well. He’s a Polar Bear Bookshelf.

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