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One of my favorite types of wooden stool is the pod stool which can be seen in the picture below. It combines the natural elegance of grained monkey-pod wood with contemporary and skilled carpentry. As anyone who is aware of British sculptor and photographer Andy Goldsworthy’s work will know, sculptural forms made from natural and found objects tend to be some of the most beautiful furniture pieces around. This pod stool with a hole in the middle is indeed appealing.

The pod stool is made from monkey pod wood which originally comes from Central and South America. However, over the centuries it was transplanted to Asia as well as the Pacific islands such as Hawaii where this particular stool’s monkeypod wood comes from. The sturdy Monkey Pod tree, also known as the Rain Tree, has a lovely butter-gold color which dark brown marbling. This natural beauty offers itself wonderfully to the creation of furniture such as this pod stool.

The pod stool above has a sculptural hole in the center which provides an extra focus and dimension to the stool. Instead of the monkey-pod stool being one stump-like block of wood, the stool offers a circular movement to a room in which the pod stool is placed. Rather like we focus on eyes, we also tend to be attracted to circles in the center of larger forms. What is particularly appealing in regards to this wooden pod stool is the fact it was expertly carved from a single piece of monkeypod wood.

There are a variety of uses this monkey pod stool can suit. It can be placed alone as an accent stool perhaps near the center of a room. The pod stool can also be used as a small side table, end table of accent table located beside a sofa, armchair or even a bed. Another interesting function the pod stool with a whole in the middle can fulfil is as the legs of a glass-top coffee table. This would require buying four of the stools and some craftsmanship on your part.

Price: $198