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Sometimes a table top needs some eye-catching humor added to it amongst the monotony plates, dishes, cups and glasses. That’s where this playful little weightlifter toothpick man dispenser comes into the picture, quite literally as one will see below. Instead of rummaging around for a toothpick after a fine dinner, you just ‘squeeze and go’! Up pops the weightlifter with a new and clean toothpick for your picking delights.

The little weightlifter man toothpick dispenser is a wonderfully simple yet original design. Made from a combination of metal and plastic, the toothpick dispenser is a Danish creation having been masterminded by Tarben Rosmussen. To be supplied with a new toothpick, one merely squeezes the plastic container and out pops the little weightlifter with arms outstretched above his head holding a toothpick.

Whilst this weightlifter toothpick dispenser is not going to add a great deal to your overall interior décor schemes, it will provide a fun and playful element to a setting. As I lave learnt throughout the years, entertainment pieces can often add a ‘decorative’ factor to the ambiance and look of an interior. This toothpick man dispenser will certainly compliment a trendy and contemporary dining table or cocktail setting.

Price: $48

By the way, the dispenser is re-fillable.