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This stunning tea cup is made from porcelain but from looks alone it could easily be made from metal. The mirror tea cup is designed by Versace for Rosenthal Dedalo and very much sets new standards on modern tableware design. Contemporary, visually dynamic and attractive, this white tea cup with anthracite-platinum outer surface is going to look impressive anywhere it happens to be located and whatever tea is poured inside is sure to taste exquisite.

The platinum mirror style of the tea cup creates an extra dimension to the location of the tea service. The reflective surface means the whole interior is seen within rather like a drawing from the famous Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. If you like how mirrors in general can influence space, light and interest in a room, then this Dedalo tea cup is definitely for you. Day light will kiss the surface whilst candle and lamp light will sprinkle their wares on the anthracite-platinum with magical grace.

Inside the cup is a graphic overlay which features an antique-style constellation that is found on all tableware within this particular Rosenthal Dedalo collection. The white porcelain offers a traditional touch to what is a merger between classical and contemporary. For an expressive and confident addition to your tableware and social tea drinking occasions, this white mirror tea cup with reflective platinum surround is ideal. Arch your little pinky with pride!

You can buy this cup from here: Platinum on White Mirror Tea Cup.

Price: $95