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Industrial interior design meets domestic shelving in the form of these metal pipes which double as bookshelves and sconces. For centuries, many home-owners have made do with crevices, pipes and indentations in the walls of their abode to place trinkets, books and various everyday accessories when larger furniture was beyond their income. However, now all this has become a much sought after design feature in its own right and designer DirtyBils’s metal pipe bookshelves are proof of this popularity.

His metal shelving is being snapped up and it is little wonder why for the curving pipework adds a beautifully decorative look to what might otherwise seem rather boring and unsightly pipes. They can be placed anywhere in the home from the main living room to the bedroom and bathroom, as well as situated above other furniture, toilets, stairs and even windows. Wherever they are most appropriate in the overall design scheme of a room.

The best thing is that these pipes will never burst and will also attract the marvelling stares of visiting friends and family. One type of pipe shelving even has a fitted sconce which when lit will add an extra dimension of beauty to the scene. Place your favourite novels or history books on these pipes and admire the combination from afar.

Here’s the designer’s Etsy page: Dirtybils.