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Your cat or dog is no ordinary cat of dog. They are an inherent part of your family and have been pampered, preened and spoilt to within an inch of pet heaven. They are therefore discerning creatures and expect only the best when it comes to pet accessories, including their sleeping quarters. That’s where the exceptional pink egg-shaped pet pod bed comes into the picture and is ideal for the sophisticated cat or dog that likes to snooze in style.

Those nasty, smelly and flea-ridden dogs next door sleep in mere open baskets but your pooch will instead be sleeping in his or her own luxury pod. They’ll be shielded from prying eyes when it’s time for a good lick and they can survey the interior room where the pod is placed from the comfort of a cushy modern pink pillow. The curvaceous sleeping room is unique in design and will also add a touch of decorative style and interest to the space in which it is situated.

The pod is also ideal for cats who always like a quiet, discrete and tidy place in which to dream of catching mice and eating birds. It’s a perfect size for placement in just about any room of the home although it is likely to clash with some types of existing décor schemes. A kitchen interior is a primary spot whilst a bedroom or living room are also suitable locations. Visiting friends and family will immediately be drawn to the cute pet pod and it might take all your effort to dissuade their own pet dogs not to set up home in the egg-shaped pet palace.

Domicile Pet Pod – $128.00
Retail Price: $138.00
You Save: $10.00
from: Chiasso