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Measuring your child’s height as they grow is an important aspect of childhood, both for the parent and the child. A growth chart can be incorporated into the home in many ways, often with merely a tiny ink mark on some obscure area of wall. However, it’s much nicer to have a more dynamic and visually appealing apparatus for marking the different heights your little girl or boy reaches. This pink children’s growth chart and clothes tree combined is just what I am thinking of.

The clothes tree is part of a Princess collection of bedroom furnishings but looks great as a single item in any theme of girl’s bedroom or hallway. Three clothes pegs mean all your little girl’s needs are met and a moveable photo frame helps your daughter see how far she has grown. I particularly like the photo frame aspect of this pink children’s growth chart and clothes tree.

girls-pink-growth-chart-clothes-treeEvery three to six months, the picture can be changed to a more updated version which will match the increase in height. This will provide excitement and pride in both parents and child although it’s sure to cause jealously amongst smaller siblings. All parts are safe and are especially made with children in mind.

You can buy this little girl’s furniture piece from here: Pink Children’s Growth Chart and Clothes Tree Combined.

At the time of writing it was priced at: $59.95

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