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Decorating a room for your daughter or someone else’s little girl can be a very rewarding experience. Children often appreciate the decor and furnishings you put in a room more than adults do. It’s well known that kids notice the finest of details and take a liking for items which we least expect. However, there are a few things little girls will always like. Color, especially pinks, decorative fabrics in the form of flowers, animals or fairy tale characters and also soft-to-the-touch objects such as stuffed toys and cushions.

I was reminded of the above details when I came across this Pink Butterfly Rug from 828 International. The rectangular rug from the much admired ‘Accents’ collection is made from cotton in a tuffed and hooked weave. The attractive colors and tones, as well as the gorgeously soft texture will appeal greatly to the high tastes of little girls across the country.

pink-butterflies-rug-for-girls-bedroomThe butterflies and flowers will add a rich and delicate touch to your child’s bedroom or playroom especially if it is already decorated in various shades of pink and white.

It can be purchased in various sizes and shapes which you can see more of here: 828 International Pink Butterflies Accents Rug

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