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It’s not going to win good taste awards but this was likely never the intention behind this wonderful pineapple lamp by Barbara Cosgrove. The key to this table lamp’s attraction is the whimsical addition and character it will bring to an interior whether this is a living room, dining room or bedroom setting. Complete with a faux-crocodile skin shade, the pineapple shaped lamp will be the perfect addition to a decidedly Bohemian themed interior space.

The pineapple fruit is easily recognisable and thus makes a great visual for within art and design schemes. A spike-like body of the bromeliad plant protects the fruit within which is sweet to the taste. In some cultures, the pineapple is seen as a symbol of ‘welcome’ to friends and visitors. This has led to the pineapple image being used in many interior themes and sculptures in certain parts of the world.

This white resin pineapple lamp with faux-crocodile shade is ideal for a household with a worldly flair and a fascination for the weird and wonderful. Pineapples and crocodiles are often found in the same habitats and in this sense, the two different symbols contained in the make-up of this lighting accessory play and even parody one another whilst at the same time coexisting as one. A slightly aged look gives it a classical feel which it wears wonderfully well.

You can buy this lamp here: Pineapple Lamp – Barbara Cosgrove.

Price: $482