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Pine is one of the most popular types of wood used in the construction of furniture. It’s characteristic look and gentle fragrance means it is an attractive soft wood to have situated in the home interior. There are a variety of pine furniture types one can buy in your local store or online and these are outlined in this post. Despite the term ‘soft wood’, pine is in fact very strong and is capable of holding great weights.

The majority of pine furniture found in the home is untreated meaning it is as close to its original state as possible. This provides a wonderful texture and aesthetic quality to the furniture piece where the natural markings and knots add substance and extra decorative charm to a room. That said, it is often wise to go for treated pine furniture if you have very small children, for the soft wood quality of the furniture can lead to splinters.

One can find pine furniture in a variety of treatments which means the pine chairs and tables can be used in multiple types of settings including the outdoors. Water resistant finishes mean benches and patio tables can be left outdoors without the need to constantly move them indoors or into storage. Although it’s generally wise to bring them in during the freezing cold Winter months, if possible.

For general indoor use, pine furniture is best in low humidity environments. In humid and wet parts of the country it is wise to look for heavily treated pine which will prevent natural shrinkage of the wood. Pine wood does stain easily and so it is imperative that care is taken not to spill drinks or place wet items on the surface of the pine furniture. With finished wood, be careful not to place cups with damp undersides on the furniture for this will likely create ring stains that are difficult to completely remove.