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The common city pigeon, also known as the feral pigeon, is one of the most recognisable birds in cities across the world. This slate colored pigeon wallpaper design is the perfect gift idea for anyone with a fondness for this popular bird. Whether you’ve just returned from a vacation to Central Park or London’s Trafalgar Square, you’ll be all too familiar with the stout little birds that are eager to peck food from should hands and even shoulders.

It’s interesting to note that many feral pigeons are derived from domestic pigeons which were used, and still are, for relaying messages, racing, exhibitions and also for food. The pigeon is not one of the most attractive birds but it has its own unique character and is popular amongst children and tourists who love to feed the birds in iconic landmarks as mentioned above.

This pigeon wallpaper in slate will make a nice decorative addition to a kid’s bedroom or pigeon enthusiasts’ kitchen, garage or work-room. Four different shades of slate bring a diverse and beautifully contrasting design to the wall. With additional bird themed accessories in the room, the pigeon wallpaper will be nicely complimented thus bringing a charming ambiance to the interior.

You can buy this wallpaper from here: Pigeon Wallpaper in Slate.

Price: $156