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It can be difficult at times to cut a pie or cake correctly without causing a mess. If you find this the case and you’re looking for an alternative, then you might well like this original Swiss Cheese-shaped pie and cake server slicer as pictured below. No longer will you have to use two separate kitchen utensils to first cut and then serve the delicious food. This is because the act of slicing and serving is combined through the clever design of the slicer-server.

pie-cake-server-slicer-swiss-cheese-shapeThe act of serving is simple. First the Swiss Cheese-shaped slicer-server is placed over the pie, tart or cake, then it’s pushed down gently, turned a little and then lifted up and served. It really is as simple as that and avoids any embarrassing hacking away or mopping up of broken bits of pastry, curd or icing. The utensil is made out of plastic and comes with a stainless steel tray.

It’s both functional and visually appealing which is unusual for a cake slicer. When not in use it can be left in view of the dinner party as an amusing talking point for guests.

You can buy this contemporary kitchen serving utensil from the following location: Easy as Pie Server.

Price: $32