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If you like metal wire sculptures and in your free time play ‘Pick Up Sticks’ then you might want to continue reading. Contemporary art for the home comes in many shapes, sizes and guises which can lead to a difficult choices when so much is on offer. Therefore it’s often more sensible to track down designs and themes which compliment an existing hobby or passion that you enjoy. This will lead to an interior space becoming a room that expresses your personality to both yourself and to others.

In the picture below there is shown the steel wire stix stax floor sculpture. Rising to a height of 72 inches, this modern looking art piece is reminiscent of the popular ‘pick-up stix’ game, hence the name. This physical, mental and often nerve-racking game, also known as ‘pick-a-stick’ and ‘spellicans’ was one of my favorites as a child. It involves removing individual sticks from a pile with disturbing the remaining ones.

floor-sculpture-pick-up-stix-painted-wireThe origins of the game are vast. In many cultures from Indian to Korean, stick games have been popular for many, many centuries. This particular variant seems to have come to the United States in the early part of the 20th Century from Hungarian immigrants.

This hand painted steel wire sculpture would make an exciting addition to a living room, loft bedroom or home study. In fact, any room which needs some dynamic vibes. Abstract art and sculpture will create a very modern feel to an environment which can be contrasted with existing traditional elements.

If you loved playing ‘Pick Up Stix’ as a child, and still do, then this will bring back some happy memories for you and your children.

You can find a larger image and further details, as well as pricing, here: Stix Stax Floor Sculpture