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One of the most unusual chairs I’ve comes across is the Pick-Up as seen in the image below. It’s not just a seat but also a transportation device, walking-aid and toy. This means the furniture piece can be used in a variety of settings and for a multitude of uses during your child’s formative years and indeed, beyond. The chairs are shaped like automobiles and can be moved from one place to another with ease.

The Pick-Up hybrid comes with metal and rubber wheels on the base which means the chair can be wheeled from room to room. Due to this feature, the automobile-shaped chair can also act as a walking-aid for little kids when first learning to walk. Children love to push and pull things with wheels and thus the instinct to play will also flow into the process of learning. of course, when they get the hang of walking, they’ll start running and then the Pick-Up will become a fun toy for your child and his siblings/friends to play with.

When not in use for the above occasions, the Pick-Up hybrid chair can be used for storage and display purposes. Boxes and books can be placed on top in the same way a small stand-alone shelf would be. The wheels also allow the items to be easily moved from location to location without the difficult task of holding a myriad of objects in your arms.

You can read more about this item here: Pick-Up: Fun Chair on Wheels.

Price: $949

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