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I’ve always looked for ways to add more plant life to the bathrooms I have designed in the past. Whether large or small, a bathroom always seems improved with greenery of various types. However, when I recently saw the Phyto-Purification Bathroom by Japanese designer Jun Yasumoto, I was shocked to my roots. (I know, that was a terrible pun)

The bathroom uses phyto-purification which is a principle based on natural filtering. The waste water we use is recycled and regenerated, ready to be used again. This is achieved by filtering the water from the sinks and shower through an organic system. Yasumoto has taken the commonly used scientific principle phyto-purification and transferred the process into the domestic interior.

shower-cubicle-plantsThe waste water goes through a number of steps on its way to being recycled and purified. A series of rushes based in a foundation of sand, filters the larger waste particles. Inside the root systems of the rushes are a multitude of bacteria which break down and allow the plants to absorb the resulting matter.

Next to the rushes mentioned above, there are planted reeds, which are able to filter heavy metals from the waste water coming from the sinks, bath and shower. There are also a number of floating water hyacinths which take up any further particles that are still present in the water. These are drawn up through the roots of the hyacinth.

Gosh, before my head explodes with all this wonderful science, I am going to hand you over to the experts and makers of this dynamic and fascinating water recycling bathroom system. Follow this link to read more about it: Phyto-Purification Bathroom by Jun Yasumoto.

What do you think? Would you like one of these in your home bathroom? Or is it just plain silly?