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If you’re wanting to add some dynamic art to your bathroom then consider a photo shower curtain by Izola. Each of these curtains shows a scene from a major world city, including London and Paris as seen in the pictures below. The photographic shower curtains are perfect for the traveller who wants the memories of their wonderful stay in Europe to linger just a little longer.

I’ve been to both London and Paris multiple times and have enjoyed their unique natures tremendously. The scenes on these photo shower curtains are extremely realistic and remind me of my time in both cities. I stayed in roof apartments that had views just like the Paris shower curtain that looked onto the iconic Eiffel Tower and typical Parisian streets.

paris-photo-shower-curtainAnyone who has been to London will immediately recognise the lion from Trafalgar Square with a view towards Big Ben which is part of the British Houses of Parliament. The London look is complete with the lamp posts, tall buildings and even the appearance of clouds in the background, a sure sign rain is never too far away.

london-photo-shower-curtainWhether you want to give these photo shower curtains as a gift to a loved one or friend, or buy them for yourself and family, they will provide both a functioning and artistic addition to your bathroom. They measure 72″ x 72″ and are made from 100% Vinyl.

These theme shower curtains will make wonderful presents for any Anglophile or Francophile that you may know.

Click here to buy the London Photo Shower Curtain

Click here to buy the Paris Photo Shower Curtain

Price: $31