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A photo memo board is an important accessory for anyone who loves to be reminded of family and friends whilst at work or in the home study or office. It’s even better when the photo memo board comes with the traditional additions that we are accustomed to with such items such as a cork board, magnetic writing board, push pins and even key holders. Whether for the home office or kitchen, the Harmony Photo Memo Board is the perfect solution for your photos and messages.

photo-memo-boardAs an organisation tool, the broad harmony memo board is an ideal center for pinning notes and pictures up for later use and admiration. The 4 X 6 photo slots are capable of accommodating 5 photographs inside frames. This means wherever you are, whether stationary or passing through, you can place images of loved ones or artistic pictures which can be seen multiple times throughout the day. You can also place it in the hallway beside the door so the first thing you see when arriving home from work, as you hang the car keys up, are the faces of your children or spouse.

The modular message board is a great interactive tool for a busy household and will appeal to family members of all ages. You can buy this photo memo board from the following location for $88: Harmony Photo Memo Board