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If you are searching for a decorative serving tray for your kitchen and dining room, that has a South American theme, then I can recommend this Peruvian decorative serving tray which incorporates the stunning reverse glass painting technique. I’ve written about this glass design technique before because it is such a fascinating theme that permeates through much of Peruvian arts and craft. This decorative serving tray will certainly catch the attention of family and guests alike.

espiga-decorative-serving-tray-peruReverse glass painting originated in Europe, specifically in France and Italy. However, it was the Spanish who took the glass art technique to South America. There the craft took hold and evolved into a new and unique cultural design phenomenon that has made Peru famous as being one of the leading exponents of reverse glass painting.

The basic idea surrounding the reverse glass painting technique is the application of paint to one side of a glass panel and the reverse viewing of the completed art form once finished. By that I mean, the glass pane is turned over and the art work is viewed and admired from the other side. It’s more difficult that one might at first image because the layers of paint must be added to the glass in reverse order to the normal way of painting.

This particular Peruvian decorative serving tray was made by artisans in Peru who are experts in the reverse glass painting technique. The floral design on the surface of the tray is one well known to the region and is referred to as Espiga. My translation is probably a little rusty but I believe this means both ‘ears’ and ‘sprig’ and therefore I believe it refers to the latter word as it is of a floral nature.

You can buy this tray from the following location: Espiga Natural Decorative Tray from Peru.

Price: $92