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I have a great fondness for bringing natural materials into the home environment. This usually includes wood and plants but it also incorporates materials like stone. An example of this can be seen in this pebble rock clothes hook in the picture below. When materials from nature are combined with contemporary designs, the resulting item can be highly attractive and wonderfully unique in style.

The pebble rock clothes hook is an ideal accessory for a bathroom, hallway or basically anywhere you regularly hang coats, robes, towels, hats and scarves. Due to the natural look of the river rock which these stone clothes hooks are made from, the fixtures will merge in with most types of interior décor schemes. Aluminum posts connect the river rock to contoured hardwood backing which attaches to the wall.

As mentioned previously, the stone is real river rock and the complete pebble rock clothes hooks are made by skilled craftsmen in the New England region of the United States. Each rock is different, naturally and so no two hooks will be the same in size or texture.

By the way, they are reasonably heavy so will not be suitable for light-weight doors.