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JewelXLery is a new innovative lighting design by Dutch designer Rosalie de Kruyf. The imaginative idea is inspired by the come-back of pearl necklaces in retro fashion designs, which were already becoming somewhat popular during my Art College years. Rather like a dream world, the lamp is composed of an extra large string of pearls with a light on the end, which can be worn around the shoulders and draped on any item of furniture that’s in range.

pearl-necklace-rosalie-de-kruyf-lightsRosalie de Kruyf has her own design studio in the Dutch city of Zevenhoven. Her designs mostly revolve around items that can be used in the home. Many of her products incorporate prints and patterns which can be both functional and decorative. Her portfolio is diverse and huge. Other creations by de Kruyf include bags, vases and various other light sculptures similar to the pearl necklace lighting.

pearl-necklace-movable-lights-for-homeThe JewelXLery instillation works only when moved about. This means the light is lit when movement is taking place. It’s therefore an excellent social interior design product which requires a certain amount of interaction to work. If you need to provide extra light at a dinner or cocktail party, then the pearl necklace light can simply be wrapped around the body and taken to wherever it is needed. Imagine the effect it would bring to dancing.

I can’t help thinking it would be stunning if all the balls had lights in them and flickered when moved.

You can read more about this young Dutch designer on her website which can be found here: Rosalie de Kruyf.

H/T: 3rings