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Papasan cushions are large circular or oval cushions that are designed to adorn a papasan chair. These chairs are generally relatively narrow at the base whilst very wide at the top and form a bowl shaped seating area. Papasan cushions are sold together with and separately from, the main papasan chair furniture piece. This allows for new cushions to be bought when older versions are worn, stained or fall out of fashion.

Cushions of this variety can be purchased in a variety of different styles, themes, colors and sizes, much like regular cushions, pillows and sofa covers. One can find leather, cotton, chintz and velvet covers whilst every color and pattern you can imagine will be catered for somewhere or other. Compared to regular cushions, the papasan is quite expensive, especially if you go for a more luxurious fabric and design. However, some can easily be found for under $60.

Household pets tend to be attracted to papasan chairs due to the circular and snug look which echo their desire to curl up and sleep. Therefore depending on whether you have cats and dogs, it is wise to take into consideration covers that will cater for such wear and tear. Alternatively, if a chair is more of an accent piece and is rarely used in a functional sense, then more delicate and expensive papasan cushions can be sought after. With a little extra expense, one can even order manufacturers to make a papasan cushion to match with existing elements in a home interior such as a sofa cover or curtains.

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