The Barton 5-piece storage cube table set is ideal for a family living room which frequently entertains guests. The set is comprised of a cocktail table, which can also double as a standard coffee table, plus four matching Ottoman storage cubes. The latter items serve three roles: as seats for the table; as storage areas for tableware etc; and thirdly as decorative objects in themselves. They fit snugly under the table when their primary use is not required.

The dark chocolate faux leather will match with various existing interior décor schemes and will complement and enhance the overall ambiance of a living room or dining room. Within each Ottoman cube seat can be placed items such as table linens, tableware, drinksware, board games, and other everyday items you might want close to hand in one of the primary rooms in the home. The complete set is attractive to look at, comfortable to use, and functional in numerous ways.

You can buy it from here: 5-Piece Storage Cube Table Set.

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Some of the most attractive furniture is that which has been formed from other objects. In this case we can see a stool constructed from old wooden wine barrel staves and joined together with a sturdy yet unobtrusive metal framework. The stool has a decidedly wine barrel look to it with its bulging curved frame and rather delightful natural wood features. A leather seat provides a nice decorative finish and added comfort for when seated.

A wine barrel themed stool such as this one will be ideal for a home bar area or kitchen setting. If you have a wine cellar or drinks area in your home, this will be a nice addition and with a collection of two or more, a themed set can really add a particular ambiance to a bar. The old wine barrel stave stool will certainly bring a touch of traditional bar or pub grace to your home interior which will be beneficial if you’re trying to capture a classical American bar or British pub décor style.

You can buy it from here: Wine Barrel Stave Stool.

Available in different sizes.

This brushed chrome wall phone is a retro piece based on the Western Electric model which became very popular during the 1950s. Based on the design by the highly renowned American industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, the wall mounted telephone is ideal for fans of this dynamic period in time. The phone features what looks like a rotary dial but which is in fact a push button technology function, to enable contemporarily accepted speeds of number dialling.

This wall phone, named the Crosley 302, will look great in a variety of interior décor styles. For any room which has a mid-20th Century retro design scheme, then this brushed chrome phone will be perfect. It will also look good in modern settings where it can act as an eclectic focal point. The phone also comes with other modern technological advances such as a tone/pulse switch, earpiece volume control, and flash/redial, amongst others. Place it in a hallway, living room or kitchen, and it will become a much admired wall feature fulfilling requirements of both function and form.

You can buy it from here:
Classic Brushed Chrome Wall Phone.

No assembly required.

Love maps? I do and this metal world map wall sculpture is something to behold. It combines decorative art with cartography and the result is every geography lover’s dream. The Poole world map wall sculpture is made from a mixture of iron and metal, and features all the recognisable land masses and coastlines one would expect to see. A grid structure represents the seas and oceans, whilst the curve of the globe is also highlighted.

The metal world map sculpture has been completed with a brushed gold finish to create a certain sparkle. It’s perfect for map lovers of all ages and can be placed in a kid’s bedroom, an adult’s study, a hallway, or even in the main living room or dining room. What’s certain is that the wall sculpture will complement existing map themed décor wonderfully well and will likely create itchy feet for those with a propensity for travel and exploration.

You can buy it from here: Poole World Map Wall Sculpture.

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A good quality knife set can enhance your kitchen experience dramatically. This Ronco 20 piece cutlery set includes all the kitchen cutting utensils you’ll ever need, all in one place, or knife block to be exact. Having such an array of knives close to hand offers you a helpful tool in quick, pleasant, and easier food preparation endeavours. It’s also an attractive feature for any kitchen counter top and will match with many existing objects already in place.

The 20 piece set includes: the renowned Ronco Rocker knife; a bread & bagel knife; a chef’s knife; a Showtime all-purpose knife; a boning knife; a cheese knife; a cleaver; and poultry shears, to name but just a few. You’ll find knives for all kinds of cutting requirements, whether meat, fish, bread, or vegetables. Each knife features a hand-finished high-carbon stainless steel blade, for supreme cutting ability. You can save on drawer space and instead bring a touch of functional décor to your much-loved kitchen arena where the best food is prepared.

You can buy this set from here: Ronco 20 Piece Cutlery Set.

Triple riveted for durability.

With more and more people working from home nowadays, a good quality office suite is an important addition to many homes across the country. This Woodland’s oak L-shaped desk office suite offers both supreme practicality, with highly attractive form, and together will compliment many interior décor schemes. The suite can be placed in various rooms but will be best suited to a home office or home library setting especially reserved for working matters.

The Woodland’s office suite comes in four parts and these include: The L-shaped computer desk; oak storage hutch; lateral file cabinet; and a mid-back banker’s office chair. All come in matching oak style and fit together as a set perfectly. The suit has a traditional appearance but a very modern functionality. There’s space for laptops and all types of modern electronics, plus a pull-out writing tray and keyboard tray. There is also plenty of storage space for important documents and everyday work-related accessories.

You can buy this suit from here: Woodland’s Oak L-Shape Desk Office.

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Side tables are designed to be situated next to sofas and armchairs. This thin oak side table with single drawer and shelf fulfils this primary role and also adds a much required attractive decorative quality. The thin table is constructed from solid oak and ash veneers, and has been given an oak finish. The style means it will fit in with a wide variety of existing décor styles and its size and shape allow it to be placed in all sizes of interior, without much hassle.

The thin oak side table comes with a single dovetailed drawer which is pulled out using a blackened metal drawer pull. This drawer is ideal for the storage of spectacles, TV remote controls, keys, mints, and other small items you like to keep close to hand when seated in a living room. The shelf below offers a platform on which to place a decorative feature such as a bowl of flowers, a sculpture, or a collection of magazines and books. Of course, on top of the table, more items can be placed such as a table lamp or photograph frames. It’s simple yet visually pleasing and fully functional.

You can buy the table from here: Thin Oak Side Table.

Overall dimensions: 24″ H x 24″ W x 10″ D.

For a wild rustic addition to your log cabin themed interior, this ‘Wolf Lodge’ tapestry pillow case will make a nice feature on your soda, armchair or bed. Wolves are native to many wild and forested areas of North America, Europe, and Asia. Their images have been used in art, story-telling, and design for centuries. The pillow case features two wolves in a snowy alpine scene surrounded by a tree bark border and images of pine cones and traditional patterns.

Woven on Jacquard Looms and cotton-backed, the wolf-themed pillow case will suit a country-style interior based on the rural and rustic log cabin décor scheme. Whether you live in the wilds of the United States/Canada or in one of the major cities, this tapestry pillow case will bring the romantic imagery of the wild wolf into your home. The tree bark border is a lovely design feature which connects together the main landscape image with the pine cones which offer a close-up glimpse of the wolf’s habitat.

You can buy it from here: Wolf Lodge Tapestry Pillow Case.

Made in the U.S.A.

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This characterful metal cat salt and pepper holder sculpture is the perfect gift for feline loving households. ‘Lucky Kitty’ is her name and she’s made from metal scrap and recycled parts. She’s part of the now famous Yardbirds collection by renowned artist Richard Kolb. The cat is expressive, sturdy, and fully functional as a place to store your salt and pepper shakers when hosting dinner parties, summer lunches, or eating supper with your family.

Each sculpture is individually hand made out of unique pieces, so no two look completely alike. The metal cat sculpture can be situated on a dining table during meals and on a kitchen sideboard or shelf during all other hours. In both functions it will be an eye-catching decorative feature that will add interest to a kitchen or dining room. The scrap metal feline sculpture is a great tableware accessory for people who appreciate creative talent, contemporary design, and above all, cats!

You can buy it from here: Metal Cat Salt and Pepper Holder.

It can be put to good use outdoors as well.

Nearly everyone has fond memories of Ferris Wheel rides as young children. This Ferris Wheel sculpture made from iron and wood is a beautiful representation of a widely recognised fairground feature. It even has a handle with which to turn the wheel around making it dynamic and fun. The mixture of metal and wood adds a decorative quality that will fit well in most décor schemes, especially those with a theme related to traditional fun and games.

The first recognisable Ferris Wheel was designed by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Since then the big wheels have developed further and also grown much bigger. The largest in the world is currently the 165-metre (541 ft) Singapore Flyer. Perhaps one of the most famous Ferris Wheels in the Western World is the London Eye, on the banks of the River Thames in England’s capital city. This Ferris Wheel sculpture is certain not as spectacular in size but it is pretty special as a decorative feature for a bedroom or living room.

You can buy it from here: Ferris Wheel Sculpture.

Size: 34.5″ H x 12″ W x 23.75″ D.

Antlers have long been a popular decorative feature in homes for many, many centuries. This round wall mirror framed with faux stag antlers, is a fine contemporary addition to the age-old practice of bring the animal world into the interior realm. Although they are not real, the faux antler horns are very realistic in look and feel, and together with the mirror, they present an eye-catching as well as functional feature for any room in the home.

The round mirror’s frame has a decidedly rustic look about it which is complimented with silver leaf accents and a bevelled edge. It will look great in a rural or rustic themed décor scheme, or alternatively, in a Bohemian design theme. The antler mirror is the creation of renowned American designer Carolyn Kinder and will appeal to those with a fondness for the natural world and the beauty of the stag. Antlers are popular in art and design, and this wall mirror will make a wonderful accent piece in any room.

You can buy it from here: Round Wall Mirror with Stag Antlers.

Overall dimensions: 24″ H x 26″ W x 6″ D.

Do you still enjoy writing handwritten letters to friends and family? If so, you will definitely like an old-fashioned letter writing desk in the form of this hand-carved drop-front secretary desk. It’s beautifully design and features intricate woodwork carving which oozes respectability and refinement. The elegance of this desk is only matched with the wonderful functionality which can be seen with the built-in vertical slots, drawers, and file cabinet at the bottom.

This classical wooden secretary desk can be used for letting writing or for more contemporary laptop use. There’s plenty of surface room on the drop-front with which to work with. The vertical slots offer storage space for envelops, papers, stamps, and stationary. A filing cabinet below gives you the best storage system for important files and documents. A beautifully hand-carved item of furniture like this Cynthia secretary desk begs to be placed in a prominent location within the home interior and will compliment classical and antique-style décor schemes.

You can buy it from here: Hand-Carved Drop-Front Secretary Desk.

Size: 40″ H x 25.25″ W x 11.75″ D.

Accent chairs can really enhance the atmosphere and decorative style of a living room or any other interior setting in the home. This diamond blue ikat armless chair is a very fine example. The chair features an eye-catching ikat upholstery design which can complement other decorative items in a room. It’s not only stylish but also comfortable and comes with a long matching cushion as well as a strong and sturdy framework that is built to last.

The decorative quality of this armless accent chair is most noticeable in the ikat pattern. Ikat is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles. The technique is known worldwide and it’s unclear as to where it originally began. Regardless, it makes a fantastic design feature. The blue patterned chair can be placed in just about any room in the home although it will be most suited to a location where it will be admired the most such as in a living room, bedroom or large hallway space.

You can buy it from here: Armless Accent Chair.

Made in USA.

When seeking to add a touch of nature to an interior, a decorative item such as this ‘sandpipers on driftwood’ wall sculpture will work a charm. It brings in the natural beauty of real Florida driftwood together with the artistic representations of sandpiper birds, a well-known shorebird common to both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. If you are looking for wall sculptures to add to a nautical or coastal themed room, then this sculpture is a great possibility.

The sandpiper on driftwood sculpture is handmade and features discovered wood from the beaches of Florida. The bird figurines were cast in durable resin and have been decorated with the markings associated with this particular species. When seen as a group and from afar they appear very lifelike. The sculpture as a whole can be hung on any type of wall and will look great in various positions such as above a doorway; over a sofa; next to the stairs; or alongside other sea themed decorative items.

You can buy it from here: Sandpipers on Driftwood Wall Sculpture.

Dimensions: Approximately 7″ tall x 20″ wide.

With this pig sculptured casserole dish, you will want to make casseroles every week just to show off the whimsical and decorative bakeware piece. The casserole dish features two pig sculptures standing on a checkerboard pattern lid, all sculpted from stoneware. The black and white Hampshire-breed pigs are whimsical, characterful, and a delight to look at. They, together with the 2.5 quarts dish, will make a splendid impression on dinner guests as the meal is served.

As with any casserole dish, this pig themed one created by American clay artist Sandra McKenzie Schmitt, is designed to withstand long cooking periods as well as being highly versatile. Making casserole offers a widely variety of ingredient choices and is a very popular dish across North America. This timeless decorative bakeware piece can be situated in a prominent position even when not in use. As a tableware feature, it will be very well received by everyone.

You can buy it from here: Casserole Dish with Sculptured Pigs Lid.

Handcrafted in Illinois.