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The Oslo Bar Stool is a good looking furniture item for placement in a home bar or kitchen. Bar stools in general come in all shapes and sizes as well as possessing a wide variety of additional elements which make the seating piece comfortable and practical. The Oslo stool comes with a back for added comfort and security which blends itself in perfectly with the design of the stool. The finished look is a blend of traditional and modern furniture design.

As well as for home bars and kitchens, bar stools can also be placed in home games rooms, basements and just about anywhere there is a high counter for drinking, eating, socialising or internet surfing. The long legs and high seat of a bar stool provide an elevated position which can be incorporated into a myriad of interior design themes. The fact that the Oslo Bar Stool comes in a number of different finishes allows for even more decorative possibilities and combinations with existing rooms.

In many ways, the Oslo Stool reminds me of the funky bar stools seen in upmarket cafes, bars and restaurants which have had the benefit of a fantastic interior design makeover. One or more of these stools in your home bar area or kitchen will improve the look, feel and ambiance of the interior by a long measure. The design of the stool also calls out for indoor plants to be positioned nearby, perhaps ivy as well as some nice looking barware or kitchenware. The stool will certainly be a wonderful place to sit during home cocktail parties and/or an afternoon meal with a friend or neighbor.

You can buy this stool from here: Oslo Bar Stool with Curving Back.

Price: $500