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The most unique, structurally interesting and philosophically meaningful clock I have ever seen has to be the Merry-Go-Round Clock by the Japanese Haoshi Design Studio. Each of the three hands on a regular clock are represented by a father, mother and their child sitting on traditional-looking fairground carousel horses. The child character moves the quickest whilst the father character moves the slowest, all in keeping with a normal time piece.

The philosophy behind this eye-catching Merry-Go-Round Clock is the passage of time and how memory keeps the happiness of a moment clear but maybe not so much the details of the particular occasion. As the passage of time passes, details fade but the general memory of the emotions connected to loves, attachments and experiences will remain forever. This is highlighted best when it comes to the family.

The fairground themed clock portrays the bond of a family, in that children are soon seen as the center and life of the household. The mother always remains close to the child whilst the father is the guardian of the family and continues a steady and protective watch over both mother and child. Children look back when they become adults to their childhood days and whilst details might be foggy, the love and bond they had with their parents remains clear and fresh. This is the symbolism of this highly ornate clock.

The Merry-Go-Round clock has a beautifully decorated design and has borrowed influences from classical Roman architecture as well as the 19th Century amusement park style. On each of the Roman columns is an even number between 0 and 12. As the designers state, the number 6 is best placed where the viewer is to see the clock from the most and this will aid in quick and easy identification of the time. Whilst this clock is going to take a few more seconds than usual to figure out the time, its sculptural genius and inherent philosophical depth make it an excellent decorative addition to any home interior décor scheme and household.

You can buy it from here: Ornate Sculptural Merry-Go-Round Clock.