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I’ve always liked laundry hampers even though I have a nasty habit of leaving my dirty linens on the floor. That said, I’m only usually drawn to the decorative and ornamental laundry hamper styles like the one in the image below. With interior spaces such as the bathroom, it’s nice to add a decorative feature which also has a functioning role. Too often, this room can become rather bland and industrial in feel and look.

Ornamental-Laundry-HamperIt largely depends where you keep your laundry hamper. Some people place them in the bathroom, others in the master bedroom, utility room or even the kitchen. The aforementioned ornamental laundry hamper which I am particularly fond of is made with a recycled wrought iron frame and natural cotton liner. With its pewter finish and decorative curved framework, the hamper will make an attractive addition to various rooms, whatever their style and theme.

There are two benefits to this laundry hamper which I think are excellent. The first is the eco-friendly nature of the recycled iron, which for people who are concerned about environmental matters, is a bonus. The second is the collapsible nature of the hamper which means it can be folded up and stored away when not in use. However, I am not sure why anyone would want to do that unless building work was taking place. It looks so nice.

You can buy this item from the following location: Ornamental Laundry Hamper With Recycled Wrought Iron Frame.