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The Orbit Wall Sconce by LZF brings a touch of majesty to the interior of a home. The twists and turns of the ribbon-like wall lamp shade provide elegance and interest. This is heightened further when one learns that the material for this lamp is natural timber wood veneer. When lit, the lamp sends light in four main directions as well as creates a glow for the rest of the room. A series of these in one location will garner a beautiful light display to really enhance a particular interior.

The ribbon wall lamp is the creation of Spanish designer Miguel Herranz. A prolific creator, Herranz has designed items ranging from bathroom vanities and living room sofas to lamps, phone booths, ceramics and even cars. This Orbit wall sconce is likely to have been influenced by the wide range of design projects he has engaged in and as with any prolific designer, the various endeavours make the work a whole lot richer and striking.

The airy appearance of the ribbon wall sconce will make a lovely addition to any room in the home but especially to a living room or bedroom from where it can be most enjoyed and admired. The wood veneer is available in a multitude of colors and these include red (as shown), yellow, green, beech, white, cherry, grey and orange. During the day, when the bulb is turned off, the lamp will continue to provide a decorative feature to the room in the form of a fabric-like and colourful ribbon.

You can buy this light from here: Orbit Wall Sconce in the Shape of a Ribbon Wall Lamp.

Size: Depth 6.3 In., Width 9.8 In., Height 14.2 In.