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Swivel chairs are synonymous with office task chairs which require ease of movement in busy and often confined offices. However, swivel chairs have also been designed for the home interior environment as is the case with this beautiful Oliana rattan swivel chair which can be seen in the image below. This swivel chair which is made from rattan and has a stylish chrome base is a furniture piece you might like to consider if seeking a swivel living room chair made from more natural looking materials.

Now you may be wondering whether this Oliana rattan swivel chair could also be called a wicker chair. The fact is there is no material in the would which is called wicker and the word in fact describes the process of weaving. Rattan on the other hand is a material and is a very similar to the tropical palm tree. Indeed, rattan is considered one of the strongest woods on earth which makes it an ideal material for furniture such as this Oliana rattan swivel chair. It also looks good too.

The round and circular Oliana rattan swivel chair seen above is a more relaxed form of the home office swivel chair types which I have written about before on this blog. It’s made for the living room or bedroom interiors where it can be used both functionally and as an accent feature to certain styles of interior decor. Swivel living room chairs are designed for comfortable use such as when reading a book, watching television or conversing with family and friends. The chrome base adds an extra industrial and contemporary feel which I feel definitely compliments the more natural look of the rattan seating on top.

You can see more pictures as well as purchasing details from the following location:

Oliana Rattan Swivel Chair with Stylish Chrome Base

Price: $420