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Finding a quality globe bar for your favourite drinks and glasses can be an uphill struggle. However, this Sixteenth-Century Italian replica I recently came across brings the functionality you need with a small home bar table and the aesthetics that go with classical antiquity. It is a replica but if you’re looking for an old world globe bar then this handcrafted piece is a very affordable and a marvellous alternative to an astronomically priced original.

The floor standing globe bar has been made to match as near as possible the real globes from the 1500s in Italy. Similar materials have been used and the same skills employed so as to bring the replica very much as close as possible to the real thing. The globe will appeal to men especially due to the geographical elements of the map designs. If you’re considering buying a gift for a special man in your life, who perhaps loves cartography and history, and who also likes a drink, then this globe bar is an ideal choice.

Room enough inside the globe for spirits and crystal stemware, the attractive old-world globe bar will function as an accent piece as well as its main storage feature. Placed in a home bar, library or dining room, it will become a firm favourite with visiting guests and a simply irresistible highlight for card playing evenings, movie nights or for quiet periods of reading and writing in a study.

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Price: $115