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I’ve always had a fascination with architectural drawings and sketches. During my childhood I would spend hours drawing famous buildings from around the world and honing my technical skills. Whenever I passed art shops when visiting a city, I’d pop in and browse the architectural drawings that were usually to be found in some section of the store. For artists and designers alike who have an interesting in Interior Design and Architecture, drawings of city scenes are bound to be attractive.

classic-architectual-drawings-sketchesThis was the case when I visited the online Inglenook Decor Store owned by Maureen Toribio. It specialises in selling one-of-a-kind flea market finds. These four Old World Architectural Drawings as seen above come as a collection and cost $71.50. They would be perfectly situated in a home study or library with a classical charm.

Go on over and have a browse through her store and also check her visually pleasing blog Ingle Talk.