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Some of the most attractive furniture is that which has been formed from other objects. In this case we can see a stool constructed from old wooden wine barrel staves and joined together with a sturdy yet unobtrusive metal framework. The stool has a decidedly wine barrel look to it with its bulging curved frame and rather delightful natural wood features. A leather seat provides a nice decorative finish and added comfort for when seated.

A wine barrel themed stool such as this one will be ideal for a home bar area or kitchen setting. If you have a wine cellar or drinks area in your home, this will be a nice addition and with a collection of two or more, a themed set can really add a particular ambiance to a bar. The old wine barrel stave stool will certainly bring a touch of traditional bar or pub grace to your home interior which will be beneficial if you’re trying to capture a classical American bar or British pub décor style.

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Available in different sizes.