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Trunks make great furniture additions to a variety of interior spaces and settings. Their storage abilities together with aesthetic qualities mean they can easily fit into existing décor schemes whilst complimenting furniture sets already in place. This old fashioned antique-style wooden trunk is just such an example and will make a nice feature in a room which already has dark finished furniture and/or antique heirlooms.

The beautifully decorative wooden trunk is hand crafted and echoes the steamer trunks that were often taken aboard ships during the age of sail and steam. Intricate markings together with an antiquated tailoring, make this old-fashioned style wooden trunk an addition that will bring mystery and charm to any interior in which it is location. It can be used as a storage area, a side table or a decorative feature in its own right. However, due to the nature of its construction, it’s not wise to use it as a seat.

Trunk chests hold a fascination with many people perhaps due to childhood memories of rummaging through our grandmother’s old chests in the attic or basement. Move makers have often made use of this quality in their films where precious gems or long forgotten stories or photographs are found. This antique-style wooden trunk can be placed in a room which needs a little old-fashioned spirit, such as a living room, bedroom or hallway. With a little imagination, the trunk can be a source of many new memories and a place to store items to be found by your grandchildren.

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Price: $99