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All too often, the bathroom interior can take on a rather industrial and cold appearance. That’s why a little color and even humor rarely goes amiss when looking for decorative and functional accessories to go with your bathroom decor. This octopus hanging shower caddy by Formverket is just such an example of what I mean and fulfils two roles in one.

Shower caddies in general tend to be dull and often rather ugly once soap stains or rust have their way with them. The solution is this amusing octopus made from natural latex which is known for having fantastic grip. Instead of reaching, half blind, for the shampoo or shower gel bottles somewhere below your knees, you can instead simply grab the container you require, squeeze and let go, quickly and easily. The octopus caddy even stores the bottles upside down so when nearly empty, the shampoo or gel will be ready to come out.

The eight-armed octopus shower caddy is the creation of the Swedish design company Formverket, trademark of Jens Widerberg, which combines simplicity and functionality so inherent in Scandinavian design.

You can buy one here: Shower Caddy Octopus.

Also available in black, green and blue.