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Regular readers to this website will remember a couple of years ago I showed the exciting Octopus Chandelier Collection by Wallacavage. Well, now I’ve discovered another octopus-shaped lighting fixture that will be perfect for fans of the ocean dwelling cephalopod mollusc. The Ciratta Lamp by Markus Johansson is a functional and wonderfully shaped floor lamp inspired by the shape and movement of the octopus. It gives the impression of floating through the dark ocean depths.

The lamp is made from Corian, which is a material than can be formed in any shape imaginable when heated to a high temperature. The ghost-like delicate tentacles contribute to the appearance of floating through water and in the right lighting background, will add a magnificent ambiance to an interior setting.

The designer of the lamp, Markus Johansson, describes his work “as a glowing lamp in the darkness” where “unexpected experiences and surprises wait deep down on the ocean floor.”

When lit in a dark room, the octopus lamps will seem to bulge with desire to float away on invisible tides. A majestic beast lighting up the darkness of the deep as it sweeps along.

Visit the designer’s website to see more: Markus Johansson.

Via: Trendhunter.