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If you are considering decorating your dining room or hallway in a nautical theme, then you might think about adding an octopus chandelier. Whilst the 8-legged Cephalopod might not be the most beautiful of beasts, its unique shape makes inspiration a likely event when designing furniture and decorative items.

Adam Wallacavage discovered this when he set about designing a serious of octopus chandeliers. They come in various shapes, sizes and materials, some even morphing into other animals such as snakes. The original designs are certainly eye-catching and in a way have a certain beauty to them. Most are pretty true to form even including the suction cups on the tentacles. If you’re squeamish, these are not going to be the lighting instillations you are looking for. Would I have one? No, probably not.

octopus-chandeliersoctopus-chandelier-pink-purpleWhat do you think of them?

You can see the whole collection here: Adam Wallacavage’s Octopus Chandliers.