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I find it difficult not to be enthralled by Syrian mosaic furniture. Partly this is due to the beauty of the geometric designs so common in Islamic art but also the history and significance attached to such furniture pieces. The octagonal Syrian table pictured below is just such an example and one I want to write about today. As one will notice, the table is adorned with Islamic geometric patterns so distinctive to the Middle Eastern region of the world.

Octagonal-Syrian-TableHistory can be wonderfully fascinating. The Arabs first began making mosaic art during the 7th Century AD when they came into contact and conquered parts of the Byzantine Empire. Arab artists were then inspired by the Roman and Early Christian mosaic art they found and began to develop an original Arabic style. Islamic mosaic patterns flourished especially during the Umayyad Dynasty.

If you like to travel to far flung foreign destinations, then a great place to see traditional Syrian mosaics is in the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. Over 200 skilled Byzantine workers were employed to decorative the interior of the mosque and many of the results can still be seen today, despite a devastating fire in the late 19th Century. As one might imagine, the style is a mixture of Byzantine and Arabic but this is a natural continuation of the inspiration the Arabs gained from Constantinople.

octagonal-mosaic-islamic-inlay-tableThis octagonal Syrian table can be used in a variety of interior themes and locations. The beautiful Islamic mosaic inlay means the table can be used as a decorative feature all on its own with the addition of accent accessories. Thinking about it, in some ways it would be a great shame to hide the wonderful geometric pattern work of the octagonal table top underneath a flower pot or cloth. That being said, it might be a super backdrop to an Islamic or Middle Eastern style sculpture or piece of pottery.

You can discover more about this octagon shaped wooden table here: Octagonal Syrian Table With Beautiful Islamic Mosaic Inlay.

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