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An ocean themed kitchen is a wonderful decor style to work on if you love the sea like I do. Nautical decorations for the home are not hard to come by in most stores and online, in fact they are as plentiful as the fish that roam the Atlantic and Pacific expanses. However, the problems occur when trying to put all these designs and objects together in a tasteful and pleasing way. So how does one go about designing an ocean themed kitchen?

island-view-paintingTreasure Island

The colors of the walls are the most obvious aspect of an interior that will have an impact on the overall theme. For an ocean ambience then various tones of blue and shades of white will be needed. You can either paint the walls or cover them with nautical wallpaper designs. Kitchens usually have a tiled areas and these can be decorated using sea themed tiles. Be careful not to go overboard (excuse the pun) with the wall decoration and over clutter the interior look.

Kitchen floors are usually hard to modify without changing the entire make-up of the materials and structure. If you have slate or stone flooring then these will tend to naturally merge with most interior designs. With wooden floorboards you can consider painting them a light blue or alternatively white. In my own experience, weathered floorboards with an aged look would tremendously suit an ocean themed kitchen.

blue-kitchen-lI’m sure the image of a lighthouse has entered your minds by now. We all have those romantic notions of the old lighthouse on the cliffs from the tales of old with the lonely keeper smoking his pipe by a roaring fire before going up to check the lights. His kitchen is usually filled with a wooden table and chair, white ceramic sink, old battered cupboards and a nice big armchair in the corner.

green-backsplash-deIf you have small children then you will perhaps want to enliven the kitchen decor up with some wall ocean murals on the walls. It’s very easy to stencil them in yourself with numerous templates and a bit of paint. For a more rustic effect you can use a number of ageing techniques that will give the look of a decades, or even centuries old, decoration. This is a particularly suitable tip for older houses.

blue-kitchen-walls1The furniture, like the walls and the floors can also be painted or bought already in a certain color. Again, blues, greens, whites and natural wood are all possibilities. It’s important to consider how much natural light your kitchen receives. If you’d like a lighter kitchen then think about painting the walls in white and using blue or green furniture to contribute to the nautical theme. Remember also the cupboards can be painted.

The finishing touches are one of the most vital elements. By this I mean the everyday items you have in a kitchen like cups, plates, fabric coverings, blinds, cushions, jugs, pots and flowers etc. These are what will make the ocean theme stand out and so it’s important to choose carefully items which will accompany the interior decoration already in place.

coral-cushionelement pillow – coral branches

blue-pitcher-ceramicRoyal Blue Ceramic Pitcher