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As the name suggests, an Occasional Chair is for direct use merely on special occasions or every now and then. Typically, these types of chairs are made from wood with a simple frame and lightly upholstered. The idea is that they can compliment a wide variety of existing interior décor schemes and fill in any potential gaps that might otherwise be noticed. For households that regularly entertain numerous guests, the occasional chair is a perfect furniture accessory.

Most chairs of this style are relatively simple in look and are imbued with neutral colors. In many cases they attempt to mimic more classical and complicated styles of furniture but hold back on the detailed and ornate features in order to be able to quietly blend in with their surroundings. Indeed, being rather inconspicuous is the nature of an occasional chair but with just enough looks not to become visually obtrusive.

The alternative to this type of furniture piece is something like a folding chair or a stool. However these are not as comfortable for visitors to sit on nor are they likely to merge into the existing décor of a room. Whilst occasional chairs might not be of the same style as much of the furniture in the room, they will be neutral enough to fit in nicely without any noticeable difference.

That said, if you have a Bohemian or eclectic style interior and you’re looking for something with a difference, then some occasional chairs can be found in brightly colored or highly customizable upholstery which will add a ‘wow’ factor to a part of the room. Some online stores specialise in these types of chairs and they can really add an eye-catching and funky accent piece to a unique interior décor style.

Occasional chairs can be used in any room in the home. Whether for a bedroom, living room, bathroom, basement games room or a dining area, the chair can fulfil a variety of roles and uses. As an exact definition, an occasional chair is more of a concept rather than a standard design type and this means that in the right circumstances, any style of chair can be used in this manner.