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We’ve all had those moments when we want to hide away from the world and feel secure in a protective environment where we can lick our emotional wounds or recharge are mental batteries. This is precisely what South Korean designer Seung-Yong Song had in mind when designing the fabulous chair within a large paper globe. Most of us will be familiar with the lamp shade designs made from delicate paper which surround ceiling lights in homes across the nation.

However, this takes the concept one step further and turns those paper lamps into a gigantic interior structure which acts much like a sanctuary, reading room, or meditation space. The inspiration for the design came from Seung-Yong Song’s childhood when he would seek secret places to hide when things got a little too scary or busy. The small space provided a deeper sense of protection from imaginary enemies rather than the less secretive wider spaces of a standard room in the home. I believe this is a concept we can all find understanding of.

The large paper globe can be pulled up and down on a special sliding mechanism. A light is also attached to the standard-looking chair thus providing a wonderfully peaceful place to sit and read, write, or just think. Its size means it would look out of place in smaller rooms but in large open-plan interiors, the Object-O chair would fit nicely. It’s a room within a room and can be labelled with a multitude of philosophical and psychological meanings. Incidentally, the shade is made from Korean paper and looks pretty stunning when illuminated by the lamp. When all over lights in the house are turned off, the lit globe will look very beautiful in the darkness.

You can find more details about it here: Seung-Yong Song Design.

Via: Trendhunter.