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Oak furniture has long held a fascination for me and these tree stump stools made by Russian woodworker Denis Milovanov are no exception. The oak tree produces wood which is very strong and highly resistant to insect and fungal attack making it ideal as material for furniture and building. It’s also very attractive and the grains within add decorative aspects to interior settings and locations. Since the Middle Ages, oak has been prized for its many positive and varied qualities.

These oak wood stools have been made from dead or already damaged trees which have often reached ages of between 250 and 300 years. The organic forms which are created by Milovanov complement existing wooden furniture and accents whilst at the same time preventing wastage of such beautiful wood that would otherwise be left to rot in the wild. A great aspect to these tree stump stools is that they can be positioned indoors or outdoors and be given special protective coatings if so desired.

The character of these stools is seen in the curving shapes and natural forms which highlight and mimic scenes from woodlands and rural landscapes. History is never far from thought either when one considers the many uses oak wood has been used for over the centuries. These include timber for some of the most famous ships in the world that shaped the destiny of mankind as well as in locations such as churches and theatres; and objects such as wine barrels, furniture, sculptures, ceiling beams and even wine corks. The oak is also a symbol for numerous nations, regions, armies and cultural foundations, plus part of the mythology and folklore of countless cultures.

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