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Unlike Democrats and Republicans, salt and pepper nearly always see eye to eye. Meals are just not the same without the addition of seasoning, much like American democracy would not be without the two main political parties. Whatever your politics, one will be able to see both the novelty, humor and appeal in this Republican and Democrat Salt and Pepper Shaker Set.

democrat-donkey-republican-elephant-salt-pepper-shakersOn one of the shakers is the head of a donkey, representing the Democrat Party, on the other is the head of an Elephant, which symbolises the Republican Party. Dinner guests of various political affiliations will be able to discuss politics whilst the dinner table remains politically correct and unbiased.

Each head was originally sculpted in clay, then later cast in durable pewter before finally being given a coating of nickel silver. The latter is what gives each its shine. Both shakers come as a pair and are accompanied by a matching pewter holder. This allows for safe storage when not in use and ease of transport when being delivered to the dinner table. Both are American made.

Food brings people together and this Democrat/Republican salt and pepper shaker set will create unity across the dining room table.

It sells for $56.99 and can be found here: Republican and Democrat Salt and Pepper Shaker Set