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Noah’s Ark is one of the most well known Biblical stories and is particularly popular with young children. This is in no small way due to the many animals depicted in the flood narrative. This Noah’s Ark themed rocking chair for kids compliments the child’s learning of the Bible stories and brings the fun of the animal characters to life. The theme is suitable for children of all three Abrahamic religions for the story is in each of their scriptures.

The story of the Ark is often portrayed in school plays and art work. Children’s books based on the bible will also be familiar to your child and thus a fun and colorful rocking chair with this theme will be a popular addition to their bedroom or playroom. On the back rest of the rocker is the boat itself surrounded by trees and a beautiful rainbow. Elephants and other animals can be seen looking out from the Ark built by Noah.

The wooden rocking chair is comfortable as well as being richly decorated. Children are energetic little people and the gentle rocking motion can relax even the most spirited little boy or girl when it’s time to calm down. The rocker is also a perfect place to read with the added benefit of a dynamic relaxation rocking movement. When not in use, the Noah’s Ark rocket will brighten up a child’s space and can be placed together with similarly themed furnishings.

You can buy this chair from here: Noah’s Ark Rocker – Wooden Child’s Rocking Chair.

Seat height is 12 inches.

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