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Noah’s Ark is one of the most widely known stories in the world. Found in the Book of Genesis, the classic tale tells of a righteous man called Noah who is ordered by God to build a gigantic boat to hold a pair from each species of animal. Due to man’s wickedness, God decides to send a great flood to destroy the earth. This tale is portrayed beautiful in this Noah’s Ark metal wall sculpture as seen below made from copper and steel.

noahs-ark-metal-wall-sculptureThe metal wall sculpture has been created using layers of rugged welded steel which has resulted in a marvellous three-dimensional effect. Intricately cut details provide a delicate beauty rarely seen in works of this type. In contrast to the dark metal, a wonderfully dazzling copper sun and arched rainbow adorn the upper part of this circlular wall sculpture. Below, the ark and dove bring life to the the classic biblical tale.

If you are searching for a decorative wall feature that has religious meaning as well as sophisticated metalwork, this Noah’s Ark metal wall sculpture made from copper and steel is ideal. It’s suitable for a wide variety of settings and will look wonderful in a prominent position where it can be admired throughout the day. During the evening, ambient lighting and candles will provide a different visual look to the wall sculpture that will only enhance its appeal.

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Price: $279.99