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Everyone knows about the famous city of New York but probably fewer people know much about New York state, the state in which the iconic city lies. This New York State themed tapestry throw pays homage to America’s third most populous state with a beautiful tapestry depicting the well known and much loved landmarks that all New York natives will know and identify with.

For anyone who has fond memories of living in this region, the throw will make an excellent addition to their home. One of the oldest states, New York is often fondly known as ‘The Empire State’ and gained its name from James Stuart, the 17th Century Duke of York who would later become King of both England and Scotland. As the tapestry throw shows, there are many landmarks shown that will be familiar to both New Yorkers and people across the nation and indeed worldwide.

The World Trade Center towers, so cruelly taken away from the skyline of New York city, are represented with pride as is the Statue of Liberty which inspires the forces of freedom and democracy across the planet. There’s also a geographical outline of New York State with Long Island shown at the bottom. The tapestry throw also shows other well known landmarks which will be identifiable to Americans from the state.

The New York State tapestry throw will be suitable for any type of interior setting and will look nice placed on the floor, on a bed, on the wall or draped over a sofa or armchair. It can meet both functional and aesthetic requirements whilst the warp and weft threads of this Afghan make it a textural gem which will make a positive impact on your décor.

You can buy this throw here: New York State Themed Tapestry Throw.

Price: $41.99