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Sea and ocean themed interiors can be accentuated with decorative elements one would not normally think of. One of these is a nautical theme rope wall clock which will add both a narrative and a highly functional visual piece to just about any wall space, in any room in the home. Whether the interior is a child’s bedroom or an adult’s home study or bedroom, the wall clock with a rope border will be an interesting focal point.

The natural woven jute rope which surrounds the clock face is appealing in many ways and will compliment a wide array of existing décor and color schemes. An anchor motif is present on the clock face whilst the numerals and related designs echo those of time pieces found on ships around the world, both modern and traditional. For anyone with a fondness for ships and the sea, this rope wall clock will make an excellent gift.

Jute is a strong material and is grown in plentiful amounts. Owing to the strength and attractive qualities of the shiny vegetable fibre, Jute is a popular choice for decorative accessories, art and even furniture in the world of home interior design. Whether one lives by the sea or hundreds of miles inland, the nautical themed rope wall clock will become an eye-catching element to a living room, bedroom or kitchen as well as being handy for time keeping and appointments.

You can buy this clock from here: Round Jute Rope Wall Clock.

Price: $68.14