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Indoor tabletop fountains are a wonderful way to bring nature into the interior of a home. When one thinks of a fountain we usually imagine those in the gardens of stately homes or the White House, yet a fountain really can be any size imaginable. The Nature Bowl indoor tabletop fountain as shown below is just such an example of a small variation on the theme. This one also comes with the added benefit of a water plant.

Nature Bowl Indoor Tabletop FountainIt can be nice to compliment an interior space with something that adds movement and a dynamic element. There is no better way to do this than with the natural element of water. I’ve been fond of water all my life and love sitting by rivers or the sea just watching the ripples and listening to the magnificent sounds of the waves. The same goes for water features in gardens and indoors, which I like to invite into many of my designs.

The Nature Bowl Tabletop Fountain you see in the picture is made from a ceramic bowl which has been painted with antique copper paint. The metal piping and decorative grid are made from copper as well. Inside the waterproof lined bowl is a small plant (the name of which I am uncertain) which can be kept or swapped with one of your choice. An on/off chord allows for easy use.

There are so many places in the home where an indoor tabletop fountain will flourish and inspire the decor around it. Think of coffee tables, bedside tables, accent tables in the hallway, living room or bathroom. One can also place it in small nooks in the wall or on a windowsill or staircase step. For those with prayer or meditation rooms, this copper bowl fountain would provide a delightfully relaxing backdrop to those special moments.

You can buy this indoor water feature from this location: Nature Bowl Tabletop Fountain.

It’s priced at $196.