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Wondering what can be placed against the wall in your hallway or newly decorated living room? If so, you might like to check out this narrow mission console table with a natural wood finish. Aesthetically pleasing and hugely functional, the narrow console table is made from solid rubberwood which adds a distinctive and light wooden element to an interior space. It’s perfect for the placement of decorative items, bowls of fruit, vases of flowers and magazines as well as keys.

Console tables are a great option when needing a narrow and unobtrusive furniture piece to be located against a wall. This can be due to certain structural requirements such as space and alignment or alternatively because of a certain style and look which is required with an interior décor theme. This mission natural console table is an attractive design and will compliment a variety of existing interior settings.

You can buy this table from here: Narrow Mission Console Table With Natural Wood Finish.

If not needed against a wall, the console table can be located behind a sofa where it can be used to store books, sculptures, photographs and every day items one uses on a regular occasion. As previous buyers of this table have noted, it’s extremely sturdy and does not shake thus meaning it’s also safe to place electrical equipment such as stereos on top. Together with the main ingredient of the narrow mission console table being rubberwood, which is an environmentally friendly renewable resource, and the beautiful natural grain of the wood, this table is sure to become a permanent fixture in your home.

Price: $94.99