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As Mark Twain said: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society”. Perhaps, but Spanish artist David Blázquez has decided to test whether the nude can make the furniture. The results have certainly been influential amongst gallery fans where the photos of the naked artist posing as chairs, tables and bookshelves have been on exhibition in the El Fotómata showroom in Seville, Spain.

The images pose many philosophical questions. How often have you wondered whether an item of furniture or other inanimate object can think and feel emotions? Is the bookcase in the alcove bored of standing there day after day after day? I must admit these thoughts have often crossed my mind, naturally followed by a “don’t be a silly ass” moment.

naked-human-bookshelfHow much are we a part of out home interior decoration? Can we be considered a piece of furniture if we sit in one position long enough and have the cat resting on our lap? These photographs ignite the endless round of existentilist pondering that can drive a man crazy but they are indeed fascinating.

naked-human-bath-tubnaked-human-ironing-boardnaked-human-television-tableYou can see more images from the Mobiliario Humano exhibition on the El Fotomata website.

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